this one’s for you AT & MA. nothing like a silver bullet + the beach.


– Red Hook is back in action babies. The ball fields will be crowded with your favorite Mexican specialties. All hail Me-He-Co.

– It’s going to be nice out so why not take that gut to the park or the beach with a few close friends and a picnic basket? Don’t forget a crisp, dry white and a piece of man-candy.

– Out of ideas for this Sunday’s BBQ? Grill up some corn, Mexican style: top it off with queso fresco or cotija cheese, chili powder, cumin, salt and lime. It’s so easy and corn is the best this time of year. Another BBQ and all-time favorite of mine is the Michelada. It’s a bloody mary beer type of concoction:

In a cold glass add: a few shakes of Maggie Seasoning, Worcestershire sauce and Cholula hot sauce (this is my fave brand), then squeeze in the juice of half a lime, add Tecate (or other light Mexican beer) and ice and chug. So cool and refreshing.

That wraps my Mexican edition of Weekending…exxes and oooohs!

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