Grub Street brings us a sneak peak into The Five Leaves, a new bar/bistro in Williamsburg that was backed by Heath Ledger (though his tragic death out the project on hold, his father released funds to complete the project as it meant so much to Heath). The Five Leaves is named after Swan cigarette papers that warns you when you have fives leaves of paper left, elegant, understated: I love it. Word has it that the bar, designed by John McCormick of Beatrice Inn fame, will have a nautical theme.

In related news, go see The Dark Knight. It’s one of those rare movies that you can’t seem to shake days after you leave the theater. Christian Bale is effortless and flawless as Batman (not to mention he may be one of the best looking men I have ever seen, and that bod? hello.) but it’s Heath Ledger that just steals the movie. Yes, people want to canonize him due to his untimely death but the truth is, his performance was stunning. I left the movie thinking – Heath is a star, this would have been the role that would have propelled him from good looking Aussie to a true Hollywood star. It’s unfortunate that he left us hanging, wondering what would have come next. The casting was perfect – Heath as The Joker. It was a jarring performance, I was hypnotized and hanging on to every line he spoke, he created a true lunatic, a villain so evil that there is no motivation behind his wrong-doings. He just likes the thrill. I’m still thinking about this fresh flick. It’s intense, dark, and…thrilling.

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