Wednesday Reviews

emiliano granado, photog

– Frank Bruni breaks the mold a little and reviews the midtown outpost of Flushing bestie Szechuan Gourmet …he knows it’s no Spicy & Tasty but Szechuan Gourmet is still a spicy party in his mouth.

– Sietsema bows down to the Pharoh Cafe in Queens. Check out the description of the bashamel dish (definitely not a summer eat but I’ll be stopping by in the cooler months)

– Andrea Strong claims The Redhead will be your new fave Easy Villy spot. Well, with her description of Chef Meg Grace’s style as “a mix of April Bloomfield, Gabrielle Hamilton and Susan Spicer”. I believe. I believe.

– Restaurant Girl goes to Sheridan Square and compares ex-chef Gary Robins to Eloise and a Cabernet to Dolly Parton. I’m not sure I get it, but ok RG. Whatever.

– Writing With My Mouth Full goes to one of my BK faves. Islands.

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