Green with Envy

that’s me.

On tonights epi of No Reservations, Bourdain travels to Saudi Arabia with a fan he hand picked after she submitted a video on why they had to film an episode in Saudi Arabia (there was a contest call FAN-atic: tell Tony B who he should film in a certain city and if he picks you, he goes). I’m so jealous right now. I can’t think straight. Watch a clip on how Tony B chose Danya here. WHY didn’t anyone inform me of this? I blame Mark.

Another interesting article to read is the female production team’s re-cap on what it was like to shoot in Saudi Arabia, a country in which women can’t drive and are not supposed to hang out with non-related men…two huge challenges when you, as a producer, are ultimately responsible for everything that happens on a shoot. Since men and women couldn’t sit next to each other, they even had to have seating charts for anytime they drove! Intense.

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this is me

4 thoughts on “Green with Envy”

  1. It really is an amazing piece of artwork. Where did you find it. It seems like it would be in a series with the other six deadly sins. Can you give me a link?

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