Bourdain in Colombia

I watched Anthony Bourdain do Colombia last night on No Reservations. It’s a truly incredible, emotional and delicious episode which convinced me this season is his best yet. Not only does the man look dapper and studly with that silver hair but he’s getting just politically active enough that it makes me care more, it makes me learn more and honestly, respect him more (as a person vs. object of desire).

His first episode in Laos has officially put the country on my list of “next trip options” and I have always wondered about Colombia and specifically have been intrigued by Medellin, what with Pablo Escobar lore and tales of drug cartels, who wouldn’t be? AB keeps it real and chats with us about how the Colombian people (specifically, in Medellin) have known true unhappiness and because of that, truly know what happiness is. I can relate AB, I can relate.

Some choice highlights of Monday’s Colombia episode:

– Arepas with queso fresco and condensed milk. I am going to try this one at home. What’s there not to love. Seriously. Can you think of one thing?

– The texture of a pigs ear being refereed to as “oven dried trojan”. I literally paused and had to rewind it to make sure he said that. He did.

– The tradish restraurant called (translated) “What do I have to do to make you love me?” (or La Queareparaenamorarte). I’m putting this place on my to-do list. The chef seems to cook with heart, soul and the strong drive to keep traditions alive. There’s nothing tastier than that.

– Breakfast, which is called calentado (“reheated”) consisting of a fried egg, rice & beans, an arepa with cheese, fried plantains and meat. To hell with IHOP’s Grand Slam!

Here’s his blog entry on Colombia

Next week: The silver fox goes to Saudi Arabi

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3 thoughts on “Bourdain in Colombia”

  1. Been to Columbia many times…I’m not sure how to comment here. The people are nice…the woman beautiful…but there is this thickness in the air that something no so savory can happen around the corner. But all in all a great experience.

  2. columbia is a great school. i almost went there.

    the calentado is amazing. you know you’re eating rat’s feet and shit, but it’s just so damn good you can’t stop eating it.

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