Top Chef NYC

While it’s old news that this seasons Top Chef is taping in NYC and that the cheffers will be living at 20 Bayard in Willy Bee its very new news that most of the action (read: quick fires, judges tables) will be held at The Benjamin Hotel.

From Page 666:

“Top Chef gets more vicious every season, but that doesn’t mean judges Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio are putting a cork in the glamour. When the hit show returns in ’09, it’ll finally be back in New York City, with a brand-new headquarters: the Benjamin Hotel. A source tells me the Midtown establishment has been procured to host the show’s Quick Fire challenges, special guests like Anthony Bourdain and even the contestants when filming begins this month.”

In other new news, I will be moving from Prospect Heights to Midtown Manhattan.

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