Article Wrap Down

Some tempting and delicious reads:

– Last week the NYT researched and unearthed the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Tollhouse it isn’t.

– Serious Eats uncovers the worlds smallest espresso maker…I can finally go camping without fearing caffeine withdrawal.

– CITY magazine runs a long piece on family meals (the kind of family meal where the staff gets fed prior to service). No doubt CITY Mag publisher and Lever House/MercBar/Lure/Chinatown Brasserie owner John McDonald came up with this story.

– James Beard Award winning chef Fabio Trabocchi of Fiamma gets grilled by Gothamist.

– Grub Street gets in on the restaurant family action and draws us up a little family tree (note: there was an article done years ago about the family trees that came out of Gotham Bar & Grill)

– I found an oldie but a goodie by Anthony Bourdain in the NYT about pigtail soup in one of his favorite vacay spots, St. Maarten.

– Chowhounders ask what the 50 best dishes in New York City are. Read this thread please and note how some people are so snooty about their picks. Let’s keep it real kids: I vote for: pork tacos at La Esquina, hot dogs anywhere, pizza at Una Pizza Napoletana, Haribo gummi bears at the deli, gelato at Grom, bone marrow at Blue Hill and sweetbreads at Elettaria. In fact, I am going to compose my own top fiddy list as you wait with bated breath.

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