Time Out NY: Cheap (tr)Eats

El cheapo

Some highlights from the TONY Cheap Eats issue:

– Where do your favorites chefs eat cheap?

Key picks: Pichet Ong of P*ong digs Grand Sichuan (to do: soup dumplings), Julie Reiner of Clover Club gets down with Great NY Noodletown (to do: roasted sucking pig), Sohui Kim of The Good Fork lurves Taro Sushi (to do: omakase) and David Waltuck of Chanterelle gets into everything in Chinatown (to do: everything). Check it here.

– Line Cooks. The heartbeats of the kitchen. Good luck getting your seared foie on a bed of micro greens without them. Most of them are Latin and they are the ones who cook our 5 star meals. Here, they divulge their top picks for ethnic cheap eats. There are no better people to ask where to get great Latin food than line cooks. They know their shizz so listen up.

– Cheap Eats for Every Occasion according to TONY. My picks:

Hot date: Bun, everything is under $12. I’d date the poached egg with sea urchin and truffles. Maybe.

Gourmand treats: Elsa La Reina del Chicharron, fried pork belly for under $10. Hi. How are you.

On-the-go: The Island, this Prospect Heights cutie serves up real deal Caribbean jerk chicken + fixin’s for $10

Prix fix: Devi, $25 for 3 Indian dishes made with love. Namaste.

Post drinking: Gottino, everything I had on the menu was splendido and (of course) cheap, rustic and they’re open late in case you need post-cocktail gastroteca treats.

Gots to love eating without breaking the bank.

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