Do, dump or marry: The Inked edition

It is with great pleasure that I bring you…

Do, Dump or Marry: The Inked Edition

I have had a few conversations lately on the pros and cons of inked men. Pro: he’s def a bad boy. Con: he’s def a bad boy. Pro: he’s probably not that serious. Con: errr…can’t think of one so here we go:

Aaron Sanchez of Paladar

Sam Mason of Tailor

Johnny Iuzzini of Jean-Georges (making a second appearance in DDM)

As usual, here are my picks:

Do: Aaron Sanchez (he’s Latin)

Dump: Johnny Doozy (please refer here for rational)

Marry: Sam Mason. He’s sexy. His food is slammin’, his cocktails are ridic. Done.

Chefs and tattoo’s. A delicious collabo. Even the NYT did a slide show on the topic a few years back.

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2 thoughts on “Do, dump or marry: The Inked edition”

  1. You put Sam and Johnny up against each other?!?!? ouch… I guess.. dump Aaron, do J0hnny (just to say I’ve been there) and of course marry Sam!

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