Regulating in BK

Do ya’ll know what’s up with the 213 718?

Last weekend, Dee had the most excellent idea to hit up Habana Outpost in Fort Greene on our bikes then tour Brooklyn. Neither of us have been to this “eco-eatery” yet and when we got there we both noticed we should have been drunk. It’s like a 24/7 party up in there! The vibe is very Cali chill slash party-that-has-gone-on-for-hours-and- these-are-the-last-people-here. Does that makes sense? Didn’t think so.

The kitch

We ordered our hawt dawgs (mine was made with real meat, Dee’s was a veg dog…i wonder if that means something about our personalities…) inside then took our little selves to the trailer-esque kitchen outside to pick up our order and plop down on a bench to eat. YURM. Great dawg, I must say ( the meat one – the veggie scurred me). Too bad I wasn’t that hungry b/c I am looking forward to order the following next time:

– Cuban Sandwich

– Catfish Burrito

-Corn on the cob (the Mexican kind, with queso, chili and lime)

As we people watched for a while we noticed something…what was that thing in the corner?…looks like a bike…with a blender attached…it’s a human powered bike blender! I made Dee get on and make me a straw/banan smoothie. Things taste better when people you love make them for you, you know.

Now this is a spinning class I could get down with

After taking in more food, we burned those eco-calories (yes, everything there is very very green, dark green, if you will) biking around BeeKs in hopes that one day Dee +1 will be moving closer to me as she currently resides in hipster Willy Bee. I mean, how could one not want to make me a smoothie every weekend??

i digress…Habana Outpost is probably the most fun place to grab some Mexican with your compadres. I will definitely be going there a lot this summer as it completes the trifecta of fun: Mexican food, sitting outside and alcohol cheap eats.


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