Article Wrap Down: vol. II

bromance: red wine and books

– Thank the lord. Here’s a rundown of ALL the pizza slices in Park Slope.

Big Hair is back. YAY. I have HUGE hair. Most excellent.

– A 12 year old featured his award winning Fracophilean burger recipe on The Today show. Looks ridic. Not kidding.

– NYP features the Most Exclusive Dishes. I, for one am dying to try Eric Ripert’s Piballes dish. Piballes are baby eels which he prepares delicately by sauteeing them in olive oil with garlic, diced red pepper, parsley, espelette pepper, lemon juice and chopped parsley. At $100/plate, that’s pretty exclusive.

Edible Legos. If these taste anything like Gushers, I’m down.

– Top 10 Summer Eats per Ed Levine. ( I second the Alidoro sandwich…JB, xo)

– Must go-to resto’s? Zagats answers

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