Do, Dump or Marry: The Classics

I know you all miss do, dump or marry. I do too, so we’re going to make this a weekly entry! Yay! Here we go with…The Classics edition:

Eric Ripert, Alfred Portale and Thomas Keller: who would you do, dump or marry?

Thomas Keller would be my pick for “do”, ressies at The French Laundry and Per Se anyone? Maybe he would wake me up in the morning with oysters and pearls

I would have to bid adieu to Alfred Portale. He’s handsome but his food at Gotham Bar & Grill is a bit dated no?

And, the love of all loves. My hubby, Eric Ripert. This man can do no wrong, he is quite a sight to behold and I dig the silver hair. He’s a fox with a French accent to boot not to mention his status at Le Bernadin and he can cook a mean paella? Marry.

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