Voula’s in Mykonos, Greece. Wish we were all here…but we’re not…so:


– Go to Una Pizza Napoletana before they close for a month on August 11th for their annual vaycay

– On Sunday from 11am – 4pm, visit the New Amsterdam Market, housed where the old Fulton Fish Market was. Here you can find local and sustainable purveyors including cheesemongers, fishmongers, butchers and farmers.

– Take a picnic to Brooklyn Bridges Pier 1 and bask in Olafur Eliasson’s waterfalls.

– Need an excuse to go to the boogie down Bronx? How about BBQ?

– Check out the I Won’t Grow Up group show at Cheim & Read Gallery. Some of the artists I am most intrigued by are rep’d here: Warhol, Koons, Murakami (though he’s more advertising-art? no?) and Basquiat.

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