Weekends make me wanna dance!

– Read the July issue of Gourmet and the June/July issue of Saveur and make the fried chicken recipes featured in each. Do a “taste test” (read: pig out!).

– Enjoy the last days of gorgeous weather before it gets July/August nasty and have a decent Latin brunch outside at Habana Outpost if you’re in Crooklyn or Esperanto if you’re in Manhattan.

– Make a Vegetarian Tortilla Soup and don’t be afraid to add in all the fresh veggies you want from the green market. In fact, you can add most anything to this kind of soup and it will turn out spectacular.

– Head to the Lower East Side and go on an eating binge tour. Let us not forget to hit up DiPaolos for other-worldly prosciutto and their home made mozzarella as well as Dumpling House for satisfying and juicy dumplings.

– Buy something: Williams-Sonoma has a 50% off sale on selected items.

– Grab a molecular cocktail.

The End.

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