The $100 kitchen?

Correction: I can do it.

Forgive me mother for I have sinned…On the Women’s Day site, there is a slide show of products from which to create the $100 kitchen.

Impossible you say? Why, you are right! In what holy world can a chef’s knife under $20 be a smart buy? Let’s face it. The one expensive item you need in your sweet kitchen is a great chef’s knife. All other items can certainly be bought on the cheap – remember, it’s not the pot or pan, it’s the chef that makes the meal.

Back to the knives for a hot sec: I am a huge fan of Japanese chefs knives as they are traditionally lighter and have a thinner blade. My personal fave is the Kyocera Chef’s Knife. It’s made from a high tech ceramic which means that it is far more durable and can go for months or years without sharpening – in fact you may not need to sharpen it at all! This ceramic is so strong that it’s second only to diamonds in hardness (heh). Not to mention its rust proof and stain proof. You see, metal is a much softer material than ceramic and therefore prone to a duller edge which needs to be sharpened a lot and metal chefs knives can be really heavy for a smaller person (note: I am small). For me, Kyocera knives work but what you really need to do is actually go to a culinary emporium ( I love Sur La Table) and try different knives, hold them, feel the weight, feel whether it’s ergonomically correct for you then date the knife, flirt with it, tell it you’ll think about it and go back later after you are sure you need it. ummm, moving on now…

Though I do agree with most of the list Women’s Day provides us with, I can’t help but tell you that ebay is a fantastic source for name brand cookware (I’m currently bidding on several Le Creuset items, stho colorful and pretty. LURVE). Look for brands like All-Clad, Anolon and Kitchen-Aid. Bid and WIN IT (winners never lose kids…they never lose)

Another great resource for lesser priced kitchen items are restaurant supply stores. Sure, you may have to do a bit of research and hit up a few stores but it’s truly worth it. Just Google your city and “restaurant supply store” and hopefully you will find a few.

Remember, the key to a happy kitchen is putting that one sexy element in it – you: the food lover, chef, amateur gourmand and GastroGirl/Boy…

exxes and ohhhs!

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2 thoughts on “The $100 kitchen?”

  1. Hmmm, I have to respectfully disagree, even though I would have been right on your side about knives less than a year ago. My boyfriend moved into what is now our apartment last August bringing with him a Kitchen Aid knife modeled after my precious Wustof. At first I refused to use it, naturally. But when I finally did, I discovered it handled better, was lighter, had a nicer balance and, unbelievably, hasn’t needed sharpening for about a year where my Wustof can’t cut butter if I don’t tend to it every few months.

    A fluke perhaps?

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