taking back sundays

Sooooooo. This Sunday, I performed a ritual which I like to call “taking back Sunday”. For the normal people out there Sundays are for lazing around, running errands, doing laundry, watching teev, going grocery shopping (my fave hobby) but not for a certain group which I like to term “the misfits”. Taking back Sundays is all about doing what is not expected of you on a Sunday – don’t be lazy, don’t not drink, don’t not eat fatty love foods, don’t not stay out late.

Moving on, the day started innocently with ideas of spending the day taking in the sun in Prospect Park. But no said nature, there will be clouds in your way. So a group of us violently started shooting off BBM’s to each other about what to do…we figured let’s just eat something and lounge. Well folks, there is nothing to get the appetite going like a few cold brews in the heat of summer so off to Flatbush Farm we go. Now, I do like The Farm a lot. It’s very Brooklyn in design (sustainable, seasonal, rustic), they have pretty good, simple food and it’s close to my house (we’ve got a winner kids). It was here where my band mate BX sampled a most excellent Japanese brew called Hitachino White Ale.

This ale was so crisp and fruity and light – perfect for a hot summer day. There were notes of apricot and nuts. It was sort of like the Sauv Blanc of beers – elegant, refined, tart and easy. So yummy we had three each.

As we drank the Hitachino for an amuse bouche, we got hungered…what better to follow it up with than a burger? It was off to my favorite neighborhood haunt, Soda.

Eeek. The burgers are soooo good here. First of all, they are the size of my head (see below). They are juicy and thick and fresh and totally hit the spot. The onion rings are amazing too and I’m not usually a fan of them at all. Though the rings were deep friend, they tasted light and crispy and the onions were so sweet. MMMMM.

Sunday = rocks.

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