Stylecons: Take 1

It’s impossible for this women to look bad. Carine Roitfeld, French Vogue’s Editor-In-Chief is one of my top picks for a Stylecon (style icon for those of you who haven’t had their coffee yet). After years of working as a model, writer, consultant and stylist, Conde Nast appointed her to the top chair at French Vogue. Many know her as Anna Wintour’s nemesis which others know her as the creator of French Vogue’s edgy, hip, cutting edge look and sense of style (vs American Vogue which is rather bland and boring). She is Parisian through and through – hard working, elegant, gracious and with impeccable style. Can you believe she’s 54? She has a great cultivated look – razor sharp hair, lined eyes and an intense wardrobe. Je t’aime Carine!

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