Hotter than Bourdain in the kitchen

It was a scorcher out there at this weekends BBQ Block Party: The lines were long (for the common, non-fast pass folks…kisses!), there were sweaty bbq-luvin men and sweaty, hungry GastroGirls. I got there at 12pm on the dot, picked up my press pass, grabbed my girls and boys and got on line at The Salt Lick BBQ for some wonderful Texas style beef brisket, sausage and coleslaw. Lemme tell ya – the sweet, greasy sausage was the best I’ve ever had. The casing had a nice “pop” to it when you bit in and the meat was porky and salty and spicy. If that sausage was a home, I’d live in it. Their brisket was great, not amazing and it was unmemorable compared to the sausage. The ‘slaw was good (thought I am generally not a fan) and I applaud the use of sesame seeds in it.

Next stop was the 17th Street Bar and Grill where Mike Mills was que’ing it up Memphis style. That means, wet baby back ribs and smoky beans. It was hot and I was semi-full from The Salt Lick dish (’cause let’s face it, no real GastroGirl is ever truly full), but I took my plate of ribs and beans and plopped down on the grass with my buddies to chow down. I am not a huge fan of Memphis-style ribs (they are wet vs the dry style of say, Texas ribs) but these were pretty good. They were tender and tasty and, of course, I had doused mine in extra bbq sauce. I had about 4 ribs and half of the beans plus the lovely Wonder Bread-esque slice of toast before I almost saw a mirage due to the heat and the food. Ever the trooper, I continued to sample…

…which brings me to one of the highlights of the Block Party…the delightful and refreshing Nila Wafer Banana Cream Pudding. Holy shizz beetches! Wildwood BBQ‘s pastry chef, Elizabeth Katz, brought it ON with this one! It was a cold, dreamy, creamy pudding with a satisfying crunch of Nila wafter and cooling effect of fresh whipped cream. It was a bbq’ers delight and the best way to end a hot, hungry, sweaty, mirage-filled few hours.

I’m hungry again. I am totally gonna get down with some serious BBQ this summer. In the words of Michael Jackson…“ow!”.

fat man at Big Apple BBQ Block Party


Salt Lick BBQ Sausage and Brisket

Sausage and Brisket at The Salt Lick BBQ

17th Street Ribs

Wildwood Banana Pudding Dessert at BBQ Block Party

Wildwood BBQ’s Nila Wafer Banana Cream Pudding

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