There are some people who just “get it”, she’s one of them…

10 years later and look at us Meggy, we’re finally showing the world what we always knew about ourselves – we’re damn funny and smart (ish).

And now, from the mind of my great friend and love, the supremely talented Mrs. Pearson, is a great, witty, charming, lovable, smart, off-beat and original blog: NobodysPerfectMom

I can see her now: smoking a cigarette, drinking a fine Barolo and wearing her paisley pants as she sits in front of her computer, takes a long drag and smiles to herself as she writes her very humorous blog and contemplates a life devoted to viticulture and oenology.

Take a look darlings, you won’t regret it…

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One thought on “There are some people who just “get it”, she’s one of them…”

  1. Unfortunately, no smoking in the house, what with the child’s lungs slumbering nearby. I’m sure she’ll dirty them up at some point, but I won’t be responsible (well, I mean, my bad parenting will be but whateves…)

    PS: I freaking miss those paisley pants everyday……luckily I still have the red sateen balloon-ass underpants

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