Alas the work week must always come to an end…’tis a bittersweet moment as we celebrate the passing of the working portion of our week and enter into the phase I like to call: weekending.

  • The Big Apple BBQ is back beetches! On Saturday from 12pm on, around Madison Square Park, eat all the BBQ you can as this annual glutton-fest returns. Be prepped to wait on long lines (that is, unless you have a coveted Press Pass…tough gig eh?) and it will be hot hot hot out but lemme tell ya’ the Q is worth it. Smell you there lovers.
  • In my neck of the ‘hoods, A Taste of Prospect Heights returns for it’s 2nd year. Starting at 12pm and ending at 3pm on Saturday, pay just $25 for five tastings and eat until you run out of Pepto. Participating restos include: Amorinas, Chavellas (lurve), Udom Thai and Zaytoons. All proceeds benefit the local public schools. Show some lurve!
  • Since it’s gonna be a scorcher on Sat, why not imbibe outdoors? NY Press has a nice list of outdoor spots where you can indulge in Bacchalanian festivities. Not on the list are some of my faves:

Gowanus Yacht Club 323 Smith St, Brooklyn

Harry’s at Water Taxi Beach 2-03 Borden Ave, Long Island City

4th Avenue Pub 76 Fourth Ave, Brooklyn

Bar Sepia 234 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn

Soda 629 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn

The Porch 115 Ave C, East Village (update: i went here on sat. it sucks so hard now. The clientele could not be worse it was like Murray Hill/Midtown goes to the East Villy to hang even though that crowd is the last thing the EV needs. I demand you go back to Midtown with your LV bags and colored rhinestone dresses and tanks. Puke. We’re never going back here again. Ever.)

Happy weekending.

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