The winter of my discontent

As I prayed to the demi-gods of weather for the slightest respite from this dreary weather I realized that my long awaited ressies for din-din at Dell’anima had arrived. A good friend of mine was lucky enough to score these ressies weeks ago and as you may know they are very very hard to come by. I had very high hopes for lil Dell’anima…what with the hype and Studio 54-like probability of getting in, who woudn’t? As we sat down in the loud and tiny resto we immediatly ordered a glass of vino which we both wanted to spit out. It tasted like dirty glass. Like the kind of glass that has been sitting in a dishwasher for 3 days then you pick it up and drink out of it b/c you think it’s clean and quickly realize it’s not. So, we moved onto the next 2 wines which the very sweet and kind waitstaff let us taste before we puked finally landed on the third one we tried.

After some much needed gossiping catching up the bruschette came. Lover-ly it was. The bread was warm, crispy and thick. The toppings were unmemorable except for the ricotta & honey collabo. I really loved that one. There is nothing like spreading fresh ricotta and honey on a swatch of toasty bread. oof!

Next up were the lettuce hearts. I really liked this and it wasn’t for the lack of salad dressing on it either. These big leaves of love were topped with roasted olives, marcona almonds, lemon crema and gorgonzola which combines into a powerful, citrusy, salty, refreshing flavor collabo. I’m gonna try and make this one for a summer bbq.

Next up, we got the bacon, peas and creme orecchiette which was ok. I mean, let’s face it how bad can something with bacon and creme be? I could probably eat Baco’s and heavy creme and think it’s something the lord made. In fact, I’m going to try some later on and let you know how it goes.

All in all, it was a fun night and totally packed up until 10pm or so. Was it worth the 3 week wait? No. Would I be back again? Sure, if I were in the ‘hood and didn’t have to wait for a table and brought my own wine. Oh the powerful tricks hype and impossible ressies play…

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