it’s us against the normal people

Eva. Emi. Bikes. Food.

Last weekend Emi came to Crooklyn looking too-cool-i-ride-a-fixed-gear-bike-and-look-like-a-messenger-so-eff-you…it’s appropriate for him (see pic above). We rode down to Sunset Park to sample the alleged wonderful Mexican food to be had there. I have to say, even though he is pretty mean on a bike – I can definitely keep up and there was a little ass kicking uphill (ok fiiiine, i have a bike with gears. sue me). Our first stop was Tacos Matamoros. We each ordered Horchata (yummy) and tacos and tacos and tacos! Gracias Tacos Matamoros, you have given NYC some of the best tacos. Te amo. Seriously. Even Emi said so and he’s South American (kinda). The ‘sphere in there is what i like to call “Mexican Diner”…it’s pretty generic but what makes it so special is the Mexican beats pumping through the new-school jukebox. I swear I think we heard the Mexican Johnny Cash. Hot.

Our next stop on the mini bike tour ended up being closed. Boo. So what did we do? We looked around and found another great spot – Tacos Matamoros II. Whoo! Good save. Great teamwork. Way to be OG. The atmosphere in here was a little more rugged and mom ‘n pop-ish and we were lucky enough to get to listen to more Mexican beats. We ordered some Huaraches (corn tortilla topped with beans, lettuce, sour cream, meat and cheese) and Sope (a small circle of fried masa soaked in lime with pinched sides and topped with refried beans, cheese, onions, red or green sauce and meat). Similar you ask? Why, yes. They were. I also noticed they had “Rooster Beak” on the menu. However when we read the Spanish it said “pico de gallo”. Looks like someone did a little Google translation action. I liked it here but the Huaraches came with lettuce…in the words of Emi “this lettuce is bullshit”. It was still good. Yummy Huarache. Oh, and another amazing thing about “little Mexico” (really, why call it Sunset Park?) is the Mexican Coke! Errr, not that kind freaks. Mexican Coca-Cola tastes kinda different. I can’t put my finger on it but shizz, it’s deelish.

As Emi and I wrapped up our petite tour de little Mexico, we realized…damn, this was fun. So, we’re gonna get a bike gang together for our next tour…a day long excursion into the depths of Roosevelt Avenue in Queens. I’m drooling.

Tacos Matamoros and Tacos Matamoros II

Rooster Beak

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2 thoughts on “it’s us against the normal people”

  1. Chello?! Mexican Choca-Chola is made with sugar cane juice instead of high-fructose corn syrup.

    It’s probably better for you but tastes sweeter in that sickly-sweet way so I actually prefer the ‘murican version.

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