A week of decadence: Part trois

This is a funny (ish) post on Chowhound – where to go for a baller night out?

Why ask the Chowhound geeks when you have the posh Gastrogirls?

Here are my picks for a baller night out in NYC:

Jean-Georges (the room is to die for and so is the food…baller)
Scalini Fedeli (old skool baller)
Milos (the other reason to go to mid town other than Petrossian, that’s baller)
BLT Prime (the most baller steakhouse in NYC)
Momofuku Ko (just try getting in, betcha can’t…baller)
Degustation (sit at the bar and watch the chefs prep and cook your food. hi. baller)
Dell’Anima (it’s a sexy baller resto)
Dinosaur BBQ (uptown bbq? seriously baller. )

And for Baller after-hours:
The SubMercer (betcha can’t get in…baller) Rose Bar (betcha can’t get in…baller)

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