A week of decadence: Part I

don’t hate me because i’m beautiful

I starting my week of decadence at a party at Petrossian’s where I got to meet the family behind the caviar and, well, eat a lot of caviar. I sampled all kinds: cav from Cali, Ossetra cav, Special Reserve cav. Some were super oceanic and salty while others (Cali) tasted like soil (that’s a good thing). It’s decadent and uber special to trot around Petrossian like a kid in a grown up candy store and eat whatever you want. Tres chic non? The boutique manager treated me to a jar of Tarama which they make with cod roe, creme fraiche and spices as well as a huge tin of caramels. Their tarama is perfection – not as airy as I like it but absolutely to die. Let us not forget that Petrossian has a wonderful bakery and chocolate section. I sampled the croissants (Lurve) and some chocolate both of which were tripping the light fantastic. I highly suggest indulging in a Petrossian brunch or a tiny tin of briney cav. How very Holly Golightly.

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One thought on “A week of decadence: Part I”

  1. excuse me while I secretly hate on you out of extreme jealousy….the closest thing we have to caviar in the NEK is at the local bait shop.

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