A week of decadence: Part deux

part deux

Hello again lovlies…as we move into mid-week (ish) I write to you about the white truffle pasta I nibbled at Da Silvano. Now, even though it was very kind and sweet of a friend of mine to take me there I am not the biggest fan of Da Sil…until I had the white truffle pasta. As I perused the pasta options on the mid-sized menu I struck gold with their white truffle pasta special. Voila! My dish for the evening, my love of all loves…white truffles. Now, dinner was decadent enough as our waiter threw down a pound of pork shoulder on the house as an appy. I know none of us think of Da Sil as ever having yummy pork shoulder but this was really a treat. What a way to start the meal! Vino and slivers of pork shoulder ever so tender and juicy. After some humorous conversation and making fun of people, the white gangsta dropped in on the party. Hello. It’s amazing how good some shaved white truffles and olive oil are on fresh pasta. It was simple, clean, earthy and yes…decadent. This is one dish I would highly recommend to anyone who loves the scene at Da Silvano. Plus, if you follow it up with a huge slice of cheesecake (which I ate all by myself) you will surely go home satiated and about 5,000 calories over your normal daily intake. Decadent, n’est pas?

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