do, dump or marry: Iron Chef edition

Another Wednesday brings us another edition of a great pastime…do, dump or marry. In honor of Iron Man (yes, I saw it a second time, lurve) we’re looking to Iron Chef (they are taping their 7th season late June and guess who gets to go? moi beetches, moi).

Here are the manliest, cast-iron men on Iron Chef plus my picks for do, dump or marry:

Bobby Flay: Sure, he’s sexy and the man can certainly cook but I would just dump him b/c he has this arrogant thing that is so unappealing.

Michael Symon: Just do it.

Todd English: We, Gastrogirls, take you, Todd as our lawful wedded husband…I’m not really a fan of his restaurants but he looks kinda dangerous when he cooks, all dressed in black wearing a teasing smirk on his face. He’s the Johnny Cash of chefs. The man in black.

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