you’re so money and you don’t even know it

thank you sir, may i have another?

gastro girls love a good movie:

have you ever sat in a movie, then it ended and you didn’t want to get up because you didn’t want it to end so you stayed until the very very last frame of the credits? a rarity. an anomaly, this simply doesn’t happen but once or twice in a lifetime you say? well kiddies, it happened to me. Iron Man, yummy and delicious and by far the best comic ever to be birthed into a movie. Jon Favereau totally killed it with this one. He wrote one of my fave movies, Swingers and i’ve been heartbreakingly less than thrilled with everything he has done since (though i have been quoting from Swingers for 10 years). i had no idea he had it in him to direct what is the best “hollywood” movie i have seen in years. not only was Iron Man the most fun i’ve had at the movies but it’s smart. it’s stylish, it’s funny and it’s well cast. it’s a rare sort of blockbuster. there were no obvious cliches as there are in your typical super hero/comic/action/summer blockbuster movie…no notions of the silly girl in distress; instead the key female is a smart and confident Gwennie P. and there is no obvious super hero in Robert Downey Jr (see: Less Than Zero) nor an obvious villan in Jeff Bridges (see: The Big Lebowski). the cast was tight and the script was tighter. there is a reason why RDJ is one of my faves – he makes a great verbal sparring partner, you feel like he is flirting with you with each line he delivers, (no problems there). if you do see Iron Man, stay until the very very very end…the movie has sequel written all over it and you’ll see why. i love the movies, when it’s good – it’s GOOD.

PS: on a grub note: of course i got the obligatory popcorn and diet coke. and i finished it all with the help of the company i was in. i want to live in a movie theater. do they do that? is that possible?

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