do, dump or marry: Top Chef judges edition

tony bjohnny Another episode of Top Chef brings us another edition of “do, dump or marry”.

I love Tom Colicchio. I love Bourdain and Iuzzini is a total prick and could not be more full of himself but he’s undeniably adorable though I’m surprised he can even use utensils without staring at the image of himself reflected on a pastry spoon, but he looks damn good doing it.

here are my picks:

Tom Colicchio: Sexiest Man Alive? marry. done.

Tony B: rebel. do.

Johnny Iuzz: ego. dump.

Sir Tom is not only sexy but he wears his power well which makes him marriage material. Tony B will always be my “freebie” (thanks MN) and I will always have a soft spot for him. Poor Johnny gets points off for the ego ’cause ladies love a humble man (Tom, you dawg, you). He def gets points for his ridiculously hot pastry skills (Jean-George’s Chocolate dessert of four anyone? heaven). Has anyone been to J. Iuzzi’s website lately? If that’s not an excercise in self-love I don’t know what is.

PS I’m rooting for Stephanie for Top Chef…time for a women to wear the toque and she’s got the skills and grace that the rest of those second tier mary’s only wish they had.

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