can’t hardly wait

As we venture into Spring 08, I’m def looking forward to an intense BBQ season. Next Up: girls gone Wildwood BBQ! mmmm…i’m totally drooling over the thought of ribs, pulled pork, brisket, hot sauce and mac & cheese. I am excited to report the pitmaster from Hill Country, Big Lou has now been rocking it at Wildwood…we know what this means babies – amazing, authentic, dive-into-it-and-don’t-come-up-for-air BBQ. A recent poll of those who have been there described it as “the best [enter any menu item here] i have ever had”. I kinda get the feeling the resto’s gonna feel like Blue Smoke but taste oodles better (I am not a fan of BS, it tastes like faux BBQ). I wonder how Wildwood will do being so close to what many deem as a bastion of bbq, Blue Smoke. It’ll be a Danny Meyer (Blue Smoke) vs. Steve Hanson (Wildwood) showdown beetches. Union Square Hospitality vs. B.R. Guest. old vs. new. i’ll write more after i actually roll around in it eat it.

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  1. I am a bbq connoisseur as well and have been to all NYC’s bbq joints, Hill Country being my favorite. I recently went to Wildwood and all I can say is WOW! This now takes the top spot. The short ribs are not only humungous, but cooked perfectly. Big Lou has done it again!

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