TONY has a great and humorous article on chefs as rock stars. I’ve been thinking about this phenomenon for a while as I do work in the industry and see first hand what chefs whites and a spatula can do to women (and men). Trust me. There is something to be said for this recent development in the dating scene. It’s another genre of men that women can add to their lists…bankers (no), writers (maybe), musicians (sure), the cutie at the bar (totally), chefs (yes, please). My one gripe is why, oh why did they not include the original gangsta Anthony Bourdain? A huge oversight in this gal’s opinion.


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3 thoughts on “Phenom”

  1. Oh funny. You’re joking, right?

    Anthony Bourdain is so not the OG. I do watch his show all the time and he’s awkweird and looks/acts like he did too many drugs. And this pic is so bad – like he won a contest on how obvious you can be. Ripped acidwash jeans, black rock tee and cigarette smoke? Yeah, man, ROCK!!

    I’m such a hater.

  2. I knew there was a reason I loved you…Kristian and I have agreement that if I meet Anthony Bourdain, I get a “freebie.” I find him incredibly “male,” ya know? He is such a fox….

  3. love Tony. Coolio, i dont’ know what you’re talking about. that photo is totally just him. he’s the original hardnosed ny line cook without any pretense.

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