Kewl series of articles: Forgotten America

Gourmet has a dope series of articles by Robert Sietsema (lurve him) on the forgotten cuisines of America. I am a huge fan of Tex/Mex so it’s nice to see him give some love to that hotness. Speaking of Tex/Mex…San Loco in the EV is like my fave place to oink out on T-Mex. I was there recently with my life partner Baby J and can’t wait to go back. I always get the Burrito Grande and the Taco Loco (it’s like the Taco Bell Double Decker Taco but better and likely does not have any rat droppings included). All that and a refreshing Tecate for under $15 bucks? Shizz, that’s where I’m spending my Cinco de Mayo.

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