i’m really into cookies right now. you can do so much with them. decorate them, shape them, throw in nuts, choco or whateves. i think cookies are the new cupcakes. magnolia betta be on guard ’cause cookies are gonna take ovah bitches. check out the sneaker cookies and nintendo cookies below…see what i mean? i also think Murakami and i should collaborate on a dope cookie project. i’ll make them and he can design some crazy, trippy, colorful decor for the cookies. why not…he did LV and that was successful…he needs to get on the food train. imagine? no one would eat them ’cause they’d look so hot.

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2 thoughts on “Cooquies”

  1. Wicked cookies. But they’ve got to taste good. Sometimes the pastries that look amazing don’t taste it. Gimme that Nintendo cookie!

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